In 2014, I offered a 4-week interactive workshop through Big Picture Classes for aspiring Event Photographers of all kinds. In the class, I taught students how to shoot captivating photos at any events, walking them through the different types of images to take while showing them how to take them. 

The class included:
• Ideas and instruction for photographers at every level—with plenty of bonus content geared specifically to DSLR users
• Access to a comprehensive pre-classroom covering: Storyline, Composition, Perspective and Angles and Photography Gear
• Weekly videos introducing each weekly topic and comprehensive instructional handouts covering each lesson: Portraits, Details, Action, and Candids
• Expert guest photographers weekly during class: Brian Powell, Kristin Rodgers, Hillary Sloss, Elizabeth Dillow
• Bonus handouts, shot lists and checklists to help you get great shots
• Daily emails with photography tips
• Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates
• Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
• Two live chats with Holly

I will be offering the class again sometime soon. Please get in contact with me to be the first to know when it is ready. I am also available to teach the class in an in-person workshop setting.

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