101 Place to Get F*cked Up in Before You Die

Earlier this year the Matador Network published their book: 101 Places to get F*ucked Up in Before You Die: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Partying Around the World. Where was this book fifteen years ago when I quit my job to travel around the world?! Luckily, I was able to contribute three of my photos for publication in the book alongside playful essays guiding you to the best spots to hit up when you’re looking for a good time. Each of my photos represents a location where I’ve had an amazing, if not f*cked up, time! From exploring Las Vegas’s Fremont street on hot October night…

…to grabbing tossing back a few cold ones in the beer garden off the high line post photowalk with 100 other friends. I promise you both locations offer rewarding adventures even if you’re not aiming for drunken debauchery.

And then there’s this photo, shot on film, from that journey 15 years ago while exploring every facet Cairo had to offer over the course of two weeks. El Fishawi, in the heart of the Khan al-Khalili in old Cairo was at the bottom of our hotel and is reputed to have been open 24/7 for over two centuries!

You won’t find any alcoholic libations at this much beloved institution, for that you’ll have to travel further afield to the expat district in Zamalec, but every time we stopped to kick our feet up with strong coffee, smoke a flavorful hookah or sip on some mint tea before heading up to bed we met journalists, basketball players, expats and locals. What more could a girl ask for?

If you’re looking to further your own personal exploits or perhaps just need a reminder that at one time you found revelry on this planet too, check out the book and check out the Matador Network for some good reads that maybe will spark your memories too!

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