Bella Grace Magazine

I was excited to have a second article published in Bella Grace magazine this past March, called Making Space. The article is about a photo project that I’m currently working on where I photograph things that hold emotional or sentimental meaning to me before letting them go or passing them on to friends who can use them. I expect this will be an on-going project, as I’m forever finding ways to whittle down my unused possessions. After all, they deserve to be appreciated instead of sitting unused in a box! I must confess, that a few of the items seen here are now in use in my home! But the rest, including several other items that are not featured here are now being loved by someone else. Once again, the quality of imagery and words in this publication is amazing, and I’m honored to be included within its pages.

Huddle Up for Autism

In late April, I photographed Huddle Up for Autism for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Held at Lincoln Financial Field and co-hosted by The Center for Autism Research at CHOP with the Philadelphia Eagles, the event was a fun day of entertainment centered around games and activities for autistic children and their families. 

Attended by more than 3,000 people, here’s what the Philadelphia Eagles have to say about the event: “Since 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles have been proud to partner with the Center for Autism Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Huddle Up for Autism, a family-fun day at Lincoln Financial Field. This free-of-charge event is set to educate, fundraise and create awareness for the Center for Autism Research.

While the event has a carnival-like feel, the day has been planned with attendees diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind. Gluten-free foods, quiet rooms, educated volunteers and family resource tables are just a few elements that make this autism-friendly event unique.”

AEM2014 Opening Reception

Tomorrow night I’ll be shooting the Opening Reception for Aids Education Month 2015 for Philadelphia Fight, so I thought I’d share a few images from last year’s reception. It was held at at the Independence Visitor’s Center across from Independence Hall in Old City and honored Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, a Nobel Prize in Medicine recipient, Director of the Regulation of Retroviral Infections and Professor at the Institut Pasteur, and Research Director at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research.

Tomorrow night’s reception will be honoring Deon Haywood, the Executive Director of Women With A Vision, Inc., a New Orleans-based community organization founded in 1989 to improved the lives of marginalized women. Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter will also be speaking. As always, this year’s conference is entirely free and open to the public. There are plenty of amazing events, and all you have to do to attend is register

Spring Has Sprung

The past two weeks in Philadelphia have been amazingly beautiful. The daffodils have bloomed, the tulips are opening and the lilacs have perfumed my neighborhood with their aromatic essence! We’ve been through the first round of fruit trees blooming and are now on to the pretty pink pom-pom cherry trees exploding with pink all over Manayunk. So today, on May Day, I thought I’d share images of spring to celebrate the height of the season, all available for purchase at Stocksy United.

Kathleen Wilkinson in Region’s Business Magazine

A few years ago I had the pleasure of shooting a portrait of Kathleen Wilkinson for Region’s Business, a monthly news magazine covering business and politics in the Philadelphia area. Mrs. Wilkinson had just been voted in to serve as the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, one of only 6 woman to serve as chancellor in it’s 200 year history! Not only is Mrs. Wilkinson a true delight, we had a great time shooting in the lobby and on the front steps of Curtis building. I was honored to have the opportunity.

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